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6 Handed NL Tournaments – chericasino.net



My new fad in online poker is Pokerstars 6-handed NL Holdem SNGs. In a regular 9 person the top three get paid out something like 4.5x buying, 2.7x buying, 1.8x buyin. In the 6-person games the payouts are top two, roughly 4x and 2x payouts. While the payouts seem less glamorous, I think it much easier to get into the money in the 6 handed games, as long as your bubble play is up to snuff.


Every game usually has a handful of these players:

The ultra aggressive player. He or she either wins the tournament by running over everyone and maybe catchign some needed cards and ends up heads up with a 5-1 chip lead, or busts out in 6th or 5th. I like to determine who this is as early as possible and wait for a good hand against them. If I can flop a strong piece like two pair or a set I set a bear trap and let them do all of the betting, then on the river I throw an obnoxious raise at them and watch them go all in. Most of these players can’t stand being bluffed and they’ll just throw their chips at you. If you can take out the aggressive player early you’ll have a great chance to get into heads up with all your new chips.


The weak tight “bubble boy”. This player seems to make it to 3 handed very often, but most of the time they have around the same amount of chips they started with and they are pushed around by the two other big stacks until they finally pick a spot. If they avoid getting unlucky they still have work to do, and they fold too often to have a good shot. Their best bet is to have the other two go at it and simply survive by taking down a few pots 3-handed.


Smart, tight aggressive players. These are the players that most often are the ones taking home 1st and 2nd. They know when and where to be aggressive and also know not to get involved with mediocre hands, even though it’s 6 handed. They can play against the ultra aggressive players by waiting for hands and making good calls, and they turn up the heat on the weak tight players. To be a good tight aggressive player you have to adapt to the bubble. The so named “bubble boy” needs to be pushed around and you can’t be afraid of the other stack. They are just as scared of you as you are of them. Strong aggressive bubble play is very important on getting to heads and getting to heads up with a chance to win the whole thing. visitez le site


Because the payouts are 4x and 2x the buyin, you need to win 1st place to make money. Getting 2nd will not even cover for one loss because of the tournament rake. Start by trying the lower buyins, I beleive stars hosts $6 and $12 short handed tables before moving on the $36 tables. As far as I can tell the player’s abilities aren’t much more spectacular at the $36 level as long as you don’t fear being agggresive and making moves near the bubble.