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David vs Goliath sanghoki again!


Jerry Yang once again puts pressure on Alex sanghoki only to have Alex push all in over the top.

Alex thought long and hard before he made the move and Jerry thought just as long before making the call.

The cards are flipped are and Alex is ahead with pocket kings, but Jerry is alive with and overcard holding A-10.

With nothing but blanks on the board the big cowboys hold up and once again Alex doubles up through Jerry.

Early on it looked like it was going to be Jerry’s day, lately it seems like it might be Alex’s night!

Jerry Yang takes another hit

This hand wasn’t about the chips so much as the credability.

Jerry has been destroying the table since the start of play, but now players are starting to fight back against his big bets, and finding that big hands don’t always mean big hands.

Alex Kravchenko limps from the small blind and Jerry Yang checks from the big blind and we see a cheap flop.

The flop comes down 8-5-4 and both players check.

The turn is the Ace of hearts and Alex bets out 600,000 only to be raised by Jerry who pushes in about 2.5mil.

Alex goes deep into the tank before pushing his entire stack into the middle calling all in.

Its now Jerry’s turn to go deep into the tank thinking it over for over a minute.

Her eventually folds and Alex takes down the pot.

Jerry has seen so many raises force a fold from his opponents, thats not the case anymore.

Another All-in survives to double up!

Tuan Lam put his tournament life on the line pushing all his chips in against the chip leader.

Alex Kravchenko limped in and was followed in by Jerry Yang from …


The Role of Diet and Fashion to Overall Beauty

Being beautiful is one of the desires of women. Although beauty is generally relative depending on a person, having an attractive outside appearance will generally increase your self-confidence and how you carry yourself; thereby contributing to  a more beautiful you. Being beautiful does not only need a single step, but interplay of various factors such as diet or nutrition and of course fashion. The following are the measures that you can do to maintain beauty and health.

role of diet to beauty

Food, Diet and Nutrition

Perhaps the most essential way to maintain beauty is through the food you eat and the nutrients you take in. Various foods groups are very essential in maintaining your inner glow that will radiate outside. Here are some of the nutrients that you need if you want to be beautiful inside and out:

Vitamin C

Perhaps the most important vitamins for your beauty, vitamin C provides a lot of benefits in making you more beautiful. First, vitamin C enhances the collagen matrix of the cells; thereby making your skin more supple and smooth. It also enhances its elasticity; thereby preventing wrinkles. Vitamin C also stimulates the use of glutathione by the liver. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant in the body that is useful in removing free radicals that may help slow down the aging process. Glutathione is also responsible for minimizing melanin deposition; thereby revealing a fairer you with that natural glow of the skin. Begin taking vitamin C from fruits, vegetables and vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also a popular nutrient that can help you have that natural glow. Vitamin E is also a natural antioxidant that keeps the cells more vibrant. You can have vitamin E from fruits and vegetables, but you can also have it through supplements. However, …


toto hk is a Game of Skill, Not Chance

The toto hk Players Alliance (PPA), the leading poker grassroots advocacy group with more than one million members nationwide (nearly 10,000 in South Carolina), today expressed cautious optimism with a ruling in the Mount Pleasant, S.C. poker case and applauded the Court’s findings that poker is a game of skill, not chance.  Though disappointed with the Court’s initial conclusion that the defendants had committed a crime, PPA expects to prevail on further review.

“We are humbled by Judge Duffy’s thoughtful decision and applaud the effort put forth by the legal team defending these poker players,” said John Pappas, executive director of the PPA.  “The positive language in this ruling comes on heels of other key legal victories for the rights of poker players in Kentucky, Colorado, and Pennsylvania. It’s becoming quite clear the legal community agrees that this great American pastime is a game of predominant skill, not luck, and should not be considered gambling under the law.”


The defendants were charged with playing cards in a “house used as a place of gaming” and under South Carolina law, the term “gaming” means “gambling.”  PPA argued that the Court should adopt the rulings of other courts that gambling refers to a game in which the outcome is determined predominantly by chance, not by skill.


PPA provided for expert testimony, making the compelling case that poker is a game of skill involving the making of correct decisions rather that mere chance, and therefore not illegal gambling.  The South Carolina Court found that testimony persuasive and found that poker is a game of skill.


“While I am disappointed that the judge found my clients guilty by holding them to a standard that is not defined by the law, there are many positive elements that we can take from this …


Non-Random Shuffles

Are They Legal?

If you have read my previous editorial objecting to casinos barring players and utilizing preferential shuffles, this piece may at first surprise you. However, hear me out. I believe that when I have finished pitching my case you may actually come to see the logic of my “argument”, even if you DON’T like it.


You may recall in the previous editorial that I objected to barring of players and preferential shuffling because the procedures in effect attempt to alter the rules of the game after they have (by default) been agreed to by casino and player. I contend, that once the rules and playing arrangements have been established, they cannot suddenly be changed, at least not without proper notice to the players; as when a floor supervisor announces that the table minimum or maximum is to be changed, in say, an hour.


The casinos essentially argue that because the players can CHANGE their method of play at will, that they should be allowed to changes the RULES at will. This is ABSURD. Unfortunately, because of their power, they have essentially won all cases asking for this situation to be remedied; except of course in New Jersey, where barring is disallowed (although early shuffling is not).


Not long after casino action appeared in Atlantic City, Slot Gacor casinos began to study ways to alter the odds in Blackjack to be even MORE favorable than what would be found with SEEMINGLY similar game parameters in Nevada. The first step was of course to switch from four deck games to six, and then eventually to eight. Today’s Atlantic City games are predominantly 8-deck with a handful of high-limit 6-deck games and a 4-deck offering in the Claridge’s $100 game.


In the early days of Atlantic City, …

ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล


Barred from the east, Thai gamblers head for Myanmar casinos


Barred from the east, Thai gamblers head for Myanmar casinos

BANGKOK: No wins, no losses and no draws. All is quiet at Thailand’s border with Cambodia that is dotted with dozens of gambling dens and casinos.


Locals used to throng the area during weekends but much has changed since Cambodian rioters torched the Thai Embassy and Thai business premises in Phnom Penh on Jan 29. But it would take more than riots to stop Thai gamblers from their addiction.


Barred from the east, they are searching for Lady Luck in the south. Casinos on Myanmar’s Victoria Point Island, located close to the Ranong province, is the new magnet for gamblers. Ferry piers at Ranong were overcrowded last weekend and more people are expected next week.


The gambling business has taken the heaviest toll after the Thai-Cambodian border was closed in the wake of the riots. Three of the seven casinos in Poipet – Golden Crown, Star Vegas and The Princess – have already pulled down their shutters.


The other four are expected to face the same fate.


The supply of food, medicines and fuel, most of which used to come from Thailand, has also been affected.


The Thai Government has evacuated its citizens from Cambodia, downgraded diplomatic ties, sealed the border and suspended all assistance projects after the riots, which were sparked by rumours that a popular Thai television actress had allegedly insulted the Angkor Wat, Cambodia’s national icon.


The government has denied Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Nam Hong’s request for an audience with the Thai King to apologise for the anti-Thai riots, but Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra said he would meet the minister.


“I want to hear what Cambodia intends to do with those who were involved in the attack, …



PartyPoker.com Crowns $1 Million สล็อตออนไลน์ Champion

SANTO DOMINGO, DR, March 20, 2002 – PartyPoker.com, the world’s fastest growing online poker room, today announced that Kathy Liebert was crowned the PartyPoker.com Million Champion and awarded the first prize of $1,000,000 in the first annual PartyPoker.com Million Tournament. By capturing the PartyPoker.com Million title, Kathy Leibert became the first woman ever to win a major poker event. In addition to Kathy’s achievements, amateur Berj Kacherian, shocked the poker world by out-dueling the field, including 8 world champions, to finish second in his first ever poker tournament.

Kathy and Internet qualifier from Los Angeles, Berj Kacherian, were the final two players in the weeklong tournament and faced off for over 2 hours in the final round. Both Kathy and Berj competed against some of the world’s best poker players, as well as a field of recreational poker players that qualified at PartyPoker.com, in a live limit Hold ‘em poker tournament aboard a Mexican Riviera cruise to win the championship and million dollar first prize — the second largest ever in poker history. A true amateur, this was Berj’s first tournament of any kind, as he truly honed his skills online at PartyPoker.com. In some of the most dramatic poker play in a tournament ever, Berj won a series of high stakes hands against 3rd place winner Phil Hellmuth, 1989 World Series of Poker champion and seven time World Series of Poker finalist to claim second place and approximately $93,000.

Kathy Liebert, a resident of Downey, California and Las Vegas, Nevada began playing poker as a child, and has been playing tournament poker since 1994. Currently ranked as the fifth largest money winner on the World Series Of Poker money list for women, Kathy Liebert is now the first woman to ever win a major poker tournament in a field …


Another City, Another Sorry

Ok. You may not know this. But this is how it is.

Since Sunday we have been in a farm house on the North Yorkshire moors recording our debut album ‘Another City, Another Sorry’ with Dave Eringa (Idlewild, Manic Street Preachers) at the control desk.

We have set up this blog to post thoughts, photos and videos.

‘We could go and get 40’s fuck going to that party’



gin, a man’s drink?!

so my new drink of choice is gin… it used to be brandy, but that’s so passe. it makes you feel old and bloated, like ya dad on christmas day, passing out in front of the queen’s speech or some crappy animated show about poverty. but gin… god, it’s a different league. it’s got that element of class (not femininity) about it. people think it’s a girls drink, but i’m all man, so i wear it well. but whatever, it sips well, and gets you pissed.

i’m currently sat in the control room of the studio, in front of a table full of jack daniels, southern comfort, gordons gin and sloe gin. they sit amongst the biggest array of dried fruit and nuts you’ll ever see. we’ve spent the past 4 days recording the live tracks for 10 of our songs. looking at the alcohol at this time of day makes me feel giddy, but i know it will help us get through the final 4 songs tonight.

we’re about to start the tracking for Time now. we’ve just finished Lightbulbs and it’s sounding super. we completed Cliffer and It’s Over, It’s Over, It’s Over yesterday and they are sounding really experimental. It’s Over is taking on some interesting influences. i don’t really wanna jump the gun, but this record may even have samples of trumpets and strings on it. then again, it might not. we really are leaving things til the last minute to keep the ideas fresh and spontanious. we work best this way.

i hate blogging as i have nothing clever to say. but this is my first attempt so i’ll try and get better.

anyways, i’m needed now, so i’ll write again soon.

martin x

p.s. a question that was troubling us yesterday: do nuts grow …


table tennis

so we’ve been recording for 2 weeks now and we’re all knackered. i could sleep for a week seriously, but the tracks are sounding incredible. i usually hate this bit, halfway through recording, the OCD in me really comes out, i just hate leaving things unfinished. we’ve bene off the farm for a few days now, having some time off before i start my vocals on wednesday. pat’s gone off to America for 10 days and i’m currently visiting my parents home because i’m finding it too strange being back home.

i’m looking forward to going back to the farm. dave’s an amazing producer and such a great person to be around. we’re doing alright out of this; home cooked meals each night, outdoor table tennis (me and ben are reaching pro standard now, but still get our asses kicked by gemma, she is stupidly good), it’s a beautiful place to make a record.

we’re really missing playing live as well. it’s only been a few weeks since our last gig, but we’ve never really gone more than a couple of weeks without playing. we’re trying to sort out some tours for january/february 2009, but as it stands we only have 1 date confirmed for this year; we’ll be playing a Shake It Shake It christmas show at Star and Garter in Manchester on friday 12th december with Dutch Uncles. this. will. be. historic. any gig with them boys is.

in other news, we’re about to sign a record deal with Heist or Hit. this is a small indie label, recently set up by a friend of the band who has an incredible grasp of music, the industry, and the way it all works. he’s been such a pillar of strength for us recently, and we couldn’t think of anyone …


Mixing It Up

It’s answering machine bassist and table tennis extrordinaire Gemma here.

After three weeks recording in our countryside retreat Warren House Farm it was finally time to pack up and head down to the big smoke to get involved in some mixing. I was sad to have to leave my beloved table tennis table behind, but after a while, winning all the time became a little dull! And i’m sure repeatedly losing to a girl was doing nothing for the lads’ confidence levels. So off to London with us where we must survive on our own, prepare all our own meals, navigate public transport and even spend money from our own pockets. 

Although i’m not in the studio for the next three days (alas i write this from my office desk) i can imagine that currently pat and martin are sat with a bottle of evian in hand swapping the same old crude jokes with Dave whilst getting quite excited at how amazing things are sounding. After so long imagining what our debut album is going to be like it feels a little strange to be increasingly close to actually finding out. Ideas about artwork are getting banded about and even the scary question of what is actually going to be on the album has been raised. God knows how we’ll pick the first single! 

Right this has taken me about an hour to write as i keep having to tab off screen everytime my boss walks in and pretend like i’m doing some work (in case your wondering i haven’t actually done any work today, unless you count www.yearbookyourself.com as work, hours of fun!)

Coming soon: A picture of Ben and Martin in matching woolly jumpers looking like two metrosexual guys from a 1970’s catalogue. It must not be missed!…