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David vs Goliath sanghoki again!


Jerry Yang once again puts pressure on Alex sanghoki only to have Alex push all in over the top.

Alex thought long and hard before he made the move and Jerry thought just as long before making the call.

The cards are flipped are and Alex is ahead with pocket kings, but Jerry is alive with and overcard holding A-10.

With nothing but blanks on the board the big cowboys hold up and once again Alex doubles up through Jerry.

Early on it looked like it was going to be Jerry’s day, lately it seems like it might be Alex’s night!

Jerry Yang takes another hit

This hand wasn’t about the chips so much as the credability.

Jerry has been destroying the table since the start of play, but now players are starting to fight back against his big bets, and finding that big hands don’t always mean big hands.

Alex Kravchenko limps from the small blind and Jerry Yang checks from the big blind and we see a cheap flop.

The flop comes down 8-5-4 and both players check.

The turn is the Ace of hearts and Alex bets out 600,000 only to be raised by Jerry who pushes in about 2.5mil.

Alex goes deep into the tank before pushing his entire stack into the middle calling all in.

Its now Jerry’s turn to go deep into the tank thinking it over for over a minute.

Her eventually folds and Alex takes down the pot.

Jerry has seen so many raises force a fold from his opponents, thats not the case anymore.

Another All-in survives to double up!

Tuan Lam put his tournament life on the line pushing all his chips in against the chip leader.

Alex Kravchenko limped in and was followed in by Jerry Yang from the small blind and Tuan the big blind checked.

J-10-4 came down on the flop, Jerry checked, Tuan bet 1.5mil and Alex folded.

Play came back to Jerry who raised to 4.5mil and Tuan came back over the top al in for over 10mil.

Jerry went back into the tank and thought long and hard before making the call.

Cards were flipped and it was Jerry ahead with A-10 giving him a pair of tens, and Tuan needing to catch a card to stay in the tournament.

The turn was a 4 leaving Tuan just one card to find one of his outs. He was down to needing a King a Queen or an Ace…………

The river delivered a queen and Tuan was still alive and Jerry had taken another hit.

The players aren’t scared of Jerry anymore, it could get really interesting for Jerry and his big stack.

Dinner Break Bonus

With the players off to for a dinner break Im throwing back open the earlier reload bonus.

With only 4 players remaining you might be feeling like the 5 guys already out, you might need to reload and get back to the tables…..

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