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Double Jackpot for Glamour toto sgp Bingo Player

An amazing story occurred on the 8th and 11th of March which prompted us to have a quick chat with the player, nicknamed “bingoleggs” after winning an incredible $2,987.78 and $1,168.97 respectively on a progressive bingo jackpot at Glamour toto sgp Bingo.


She started by saying: “The Jackpot I won on the 8th of March was a total surprise I was in shock, especially only being 6 months and 1 day from the first one I won in Sept 2005. Now the Jackpot I won on the 11th of March was such a shock that the second I realized it I started crying.”


With her winnings she was quick to point out that: “I have already paid $120.00 for a new pair of glasses and also took roomie blondie2006 and her husband out to a nice dinner. I also plan on buying a new computer.”


When it comes to choosing an online bingo site to play “bingoleggs” had this to say about Glamour Bingo: “They have the most helpful CM’s around full of laughs and the best roomies ever. I love them all; they are like family to me. Someone is always there when you go in to chat. You are the best and a joy in my life. Love you all and the best of luck. Glamour is Number One in my books and always will be.”


National Deaf Poker Tour Lets Deaf People Enjoy Major Tournament Action


Poker may be all the rage at the moment but getting in on the action for visually impaired people has been almost impossible until now.


Trying to change this are six deaf poker fans who have created a specially tailored poker tournament series catering to the needs of deaf people; the National Deaf Poker Tour. The tour is aiming to hold three big tournaments every year, the first for this year being held in the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City last Saturday.


Around 200 hearing impaired poker players battled it out in Saturday’s $100 buy-in No Limit Texas Holdem tournament. The prize pool consisted of the money left over after covering the costs of holding the tournament. The next event is hoped to take place during the summer in Las Vegas, players performances will tallied throughout the year and the overall best player will be crowned Deaf Poker Champion.


The National Deaf Poker Tour coordinators are faced with a tough challenge to overcome the communicative problems that could disrupt the flow of play. In a bid to carry this out successfully translators are being used along with information, paper and writing utensils being placed on the tables.


Online Bingo Reunites Long Lost Sisters-In-Law


Chatting with your buddies either online or at your local bingo hall is one of the most enjoyable bingo pastimes.


Recently, chatting in an online bingo chat room has culminated in the amazing reunion of two sisters-in-law who lost contact around six years ago.


Paula Court (Wales) was married to the older brother of Jenny Rochester. Both became extremely good friends and frequented their local bingo hall together. Jenny Rochester and her husband subsequently moved to New Zealand and Paula lost her contact information upon her divorce to Jenny’s brother.


Six years later Paula noticed a player called ‘jenroc’ (Jenny’s online nickname) while playing online bingo. Jenroc had just won a game and Paula sent her a congratulatory message. The two players began to talk and eventually started sending e-mails to each other.


After repeated conversation the two eventually recognized each other. Both Paula and Jenny are grateful that after six long years apart that the enjoyable game of bingo has reunited them and they can once again ‘go to bingo’ together.