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Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli


German tennis Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli crowds


Dipped in and out of some of the World Team Cup games today from Dusseldorf. The rain breaks were annoying but not half as much as the German crowd.

I think today was my breaking point after trading Hamburg last week as well. It’s just that perpetual slow hand clapping the moment there’s a micro-second break in the action. Starting to do my head in. What the hell is point?


But that’s minor compared to the brain damage those bloody pre-pubescent squeals of “Let’s go – insert suitably Germanic sounding name – Let’s go” chants all the time. Starting to bug me as much as those fucking Crazy Frog ads were last summer. And that’s saying something!

Anyway, the chill remedy is a night in a relaxing country pub with Emma and some mates so I’m off out. Bah Humbug!! 🙂

Don’t laugh. I can explain! And hey, at least the number is in green!!

Truth is I should have made a small Domino Qiu Qiu Uang Asli killing today. With the server troubles I had (see post below) it meant I couldn’t do anything approaching normal work so had a good few hours to trade. Perfect! Or it would have been if it hadn’t been for injuries.

After the disaster of the last time I got involved in a Roddick game I was determined to show a good profit on today’s game. And indeed I was. Roddick had his serve broken early and I had a back on Massu. Big green and smiles all round. And then Roddick goes and gets injured. No worries I’m telling myself. Just finish the set. But no, he was unable to and all that green just disappeared. Betfair rules. Which state quite clearly in Big red letters:

If the first set is not completed all bets on this market will be void

So quite what all those numpties were doing continuing to trade after he’d retired thinking they were making easy money I don’t know. No doubt the same jokers who regularly clog up the Betfair forums bleating about how unfair it is they’re not getting paid out on winning bets. Must just be too dumb to read the rules before betting.

Anyway, moved onto the Capdeville v Ginepri match. Despite his win earlier in the week Ginepri is having an awful time of it at the moment. Quite funny really as the early start obviously caught Stan James out who were still 6/5 about Capdeville after he’d broken Ginepri’s serve early doors. (Another opportunity for the numpties above to take the price and then moan endlessly about a palpable error ruling)

Built up some nice green on Capdeville and then he got injured in his service shoulder. Fucking fantastic. The first set was already over and Ginepri’s price crashed as the trainer appeared to set up a massage business court side. Fearing another retirement I took a shitty price on Ginepri to get out all green while I still could.

Of course, Capdeville recovered and went on to win. The reality is I could have built the green up again but why take the risk? I could back him again and his shoulder could go properly with the risk that I’m left big red on Ginepri who would win by default. With an obvious injury it was just safer to not get involved any further and settle for the measly green I still had. Sigh.