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LA Poker Classic here cbetcasino.fr Event #7 – $500 Pot Limit Holdem  Final



Next the “wrong place at the wrong time” thing reared its ugly head again. Mickey Mouse raised with A10, only to have Jay Yu, to his left, come over the top of him all in. Yu was a bit short stacked, so it was an automatic call. Unfortunately for Mickey, our chip leader when the day started, he ran into another monster hand as Yu flipped over QQ. No Ace for Mickey, and it was Yu who was in the magic kingdom, having doubled up his short stack. It was soon Mickey’s turn to double up his now short stack, as he re-raised the Master’s opening bet with 66. The Master could only flip over 86, and there was no miracle 8 for the Master, thus Mickey survived.


The next player out was Steve Dunning. This was Steve’s first ever Pot Limit tournament, and he survived until his JJ ran into Men’s AK. The flop of AK6 sent cheers through the crowd, and there was no miracle J for Dunning, who picked up $5,274 for his 7th place finish. Not too bad for your first Pot Limit event ever.


Finally, one of the “wrong place” guys had to go, and it was Jay Yu re-raising John Murphy for his few remaining extra chips. Jay had KQ, Murphy 99, and there was no K or Q to keep Yu’s hopes alive. Jay Yu finished 6th place, and carried $7,384 out of the tournament room.


The very next hand, the other “wrong place” guy had to go. Mickey Mouse had people

come over the top of him, and had his big hands run into bigger hands all day. But, like the wily veteran he is, he hung on as long as he could. Mickey’s pocket 9’s ran into Freddy Twin’s AK. Two Aces on the board made the Mickey’s day end, and the Mouse was no longer in the house. Mickey collected $9,494 for his fifth place finish, and a nice round of applause for his trouble.


At that point, a deal was cut, and it was decided that the remaining players would play for a small amount of cash, and the trophy available at cbetcasino.fr.


For about the next 15 minutes, the chips flew wild & recklessly around the table, and even more Coronas were consumed (by the way  did you take the over, or the under on the number of Coronas consumed at this final table  The over? You win!). After a serious amount of gambling was done, both Saul Eskin (4th place), and Men the Master (3rd place) were out.


It came down to a battle of the two posses. John Murphy’s posse was reserved, if vocal. Freddy Twin’s posse was.well, just plain vocal. In fact, Freddy’s brother showed the crowd repeatedly that he only knows one line from one song (a line from a Lloyd Banks song that cannot be repeated here), as he repeated the line over.and over.and over.


The two groups of supporters went back and forth, causing rawkus laughter, and a fun time for all. Oh Yeah.John Murphy won the poker tournament, as his pocket 3’s caught a third three on the flop, and Freddy was drawing dead with his Q7. It should be noted that in between the fracas of the two players groups of friends, John Murphy played good poker down the stretch, and made some key calls when he needed to.


The atmosphere post tournament was that of a big party, and John Murphy was buying the drinks  Corona please. Final results are below, and be sure and check back tomorrow, as the $1,000 NLHE shootout final table will be one to watch!