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The Ancient Craft Of Numerology Number combinations and the methods for choosing them are as varied as the people who play the Lottery. Some people take the scientific approach to picking numbers-they use traditional strategies based on math or logic such as tracking and wheeling.

Since many believe that the stars and planets correlate with our lives by their positions or aspects, many people use astrology as a guide to choosing numbers. Other people use the ancient art of numerology in their search for winning number combinations.

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The ancient art of numerology is the study of the meanings of numbers. Its exact origin is unknown, but it predates the time of Christ and was practiced by the Chaldeans of southern Babylonia (southern Iraq). Some believe that the mysterious design of the Pyramids of Giza, was, in part, based upon numerological calculations.

Numerologist Jo Mason believes that certain numbers crop up frequently in a person’s life. These may be phone numbers, anniversaries or addresses. But the most important one of all is your birthday number. The “Lucky Numbers” author says there are two types of birthday numbers-the primary and secondary numbers, which are computed in different ways.


Primary Numbers

Although some numerologists disagree as to which of the birth numbers are of greatest significance, the birth date or the primary number, is generally considered to be the most influential number. Your primary number will apply to you for your entire life and in every aspect of it from the lottery to significant events in your life such as anniversaries, births, weddings and important career events.


Your primary number is simply your birth date. If a person’s birthday was October 2, 1950 the primary number is 2. If a person was born on a double-digit date such as October 11, 1950, the primary number is still 2, because in numerology, numbers are always reduced to their lowest value. For example, 11 becomes 1+1 or 2.


Secondary Numbers

Your secondary number, on the other hand, is your other significant number. Through trial and error, you can use them both, and over a period of time, decide for yourself which one to use when picking your Lotto numbers.


However, determining this number is slightly more complicated than figuring out your primary number. To determine your secondary number, add the numerical values of your month, day and year of birth altogether. Then reduce the total number as previously shown.

So, a person born on October 2, 1950 will compute his or her secondary number like this: month + date + year.


October = 10 or 1+0= 1; the date 11 is reduced to 2; and 1950 is 1+9+5+0= 15 or 1+5 =6.

The equation is now: 1+2+6= 9.

Thus, the person’s secondary number is 9.


Playing Your Birthday Numbers

When trying to win a Lotto Jackpot with your primary number, you can play the Togel Singapore number itself in combination with other digits. A person with a primary number of 6 may play 6 plus any other five numbers, such as 13, 14, 19, 22 and 50.


An even better idea is to concentrate on numbers with a value of 6. As was illustrated previously, you may use any compound number that, when added and reduced, equals your primary number. Our August 15 birthday person could play any combination of 5, 15 (1+5=6), 24 (2+4=6), 33 (3+3=6), 42 (4+2=6), 51 (5+1=6), and 60 (6+0=6).

Another common way of using your birthday numbers in the Lottery is to simply list the day, month and year. The person born on October 2, 1970, would play 10, 02, and 70-but since seventy is too high to use in most games, the double-digit could be reduced to 7.