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Keluaran Hk


Royal Match and Keluaran Hk

The Royal Match is a popular side bet in blackjack based on the player’s first two cards. The bet is simple, often wins, and the house edge is not outrageous, as is usually the case with side bets. The rules are simple, if the player’s first two cards are suited the player is paid 5 to 2 unless the player has a royal match. A royal match is a suited king and queen and pays 25 to 1. If the player has a matched hand it pays immediately, it does not matter what the dealer has or if the player wins the blackjack hand. The odds of this bet depend on the number of decks used, the more the decks the better the odds for the player.

In a six-deck game the probability of a non-royal match is 0.24462 and the probability of a royal match is .002698. The house edge in the six-deck game is 6.67%. The house edges for other numbers of decks are as follows:

1 deck: 10.86%

2 decks: 8.33%

4 decks: 7.08%

8 decks: 6.46%

There is another paytable I have seen for single deck blackjack games in which a non-royal match pays 4 to 1 and a royal match pays 10 to 1. The house edge under these rules is 3.77%.

Although the Royal Match is one of the better side bets I have seen you should still avoid it. Every side bet I have seen has carried a house edge of at least 3% and as high as 76%. If you want to give the casino less of your hard-earned money avoid the Royal Match and all other side bets.

Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is two games in one. The first game is called Keluaran Hk PairPlus, and the second, Ante and Play. The player may bet on either one, or both, and for different amounts. Both games are based on hands consisting of three cards. The following table shows the probability of forming each hand. Note that a straight is harder to form than a flush.

Probabilities in Three Card Poker

Hand Combinations Probability

Straight Flush 48 0.0021719

Three of a Kind 52 0.0023529

Straight 720 0.0325792

Flush 1096 0.0495928

Pair 3744 0.1694118

Queen to Ace high 9720 0.4398190

Jack high or less 6720 0.3040724


PairPlus is a simple game purely of chance. The player makes a bet, receives three cards, and is paid according to their value as indicated in the following table.


Payoff Table for PairPlus

Hand Payoff

Straight Flush 40 to 1

Three of a Kind 30 to 1

Straight 6 to 1

Flush 4 to 1

Pair 1 to 1

Ante and Play

The object of Ante and Play is to beat the dealer. There is also a bonus paytable for hands of at least a straight regardless of the dealer’s hand. Play begins with a wager or ante. After the player views his three cards, he may either raise by putting an equal bet on play, or fold and lose the ante bet.


If the player does raise, then he goes against the dealer’s hand. The dealer needs at least a queen high to qualify. Below are the possible outcomes and their payoff:


Dealer does not qualify: Ante wins 1 to 1, play bet is returned.

Dealer qualifies and player beats dealer: Both play and ante win 1 to 1.

Dealer qualifies and dealer beats player: Both play and ante lose.

Dealer qualifies and dealer ties player: Both play and ante push.

The bonus pays according to the following table. These hand automatically qualify for the bonus even if the dealer does not qualify or has a better hand.

Bonus on Ante Bet

Hand Payoff

Straight Flush 5 to 1

Three of a Kind 4 to 1

Straight 1 to 1


PairPlus is a game entirely of chance and therefore has no strategy. Optimal strategy in Ante and Play is to raise with a hand of Queen/6/4 or higher. Overall in Ante and Play the player stands to lose 8.656% of the original wager but win 5.285% on the bonus.


House Edge

The house edge and element of risk in PairPlus are both 2.32%. In Ante and Play the house edge is 3.37% and the element of risk is 2.02%.


Another popular strategy is to mimic the dealer, in other words raise on any queen high or greater. Following this strategy, the house edge is 3.45% and the element of risk is 2.04%.