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Absolute Poker recently announced its six spring finalists in the free ‘Win Your Tuition’ competition. The six finalists are David Wood, Jim Pappas, Kyle Garis, Justin Rausch, David Wilke and Jamie Webster. These lucky students will now go on to play in a live tournament final in the VIP room of Crobar Club. Crobar is Situs Judi Online one of the hottest dance venues in NYC, and there will be a free party for college students on the final night of August 8th.


The Win Your Tuition tournament has been run by Absolute Poker since 2005, and is a twice-yearly event. It promises students a chance to win their college fees for an entire semester, as well as other great prizes such as laptops and Ipods. Entry into the tournament is free, and is open to any students with good academic records enrolled in that particular semester.


This spring’s tournament began back in January, and has been the biggest yet with over 10,000 students participating from hundreds of colleges around the world. The game is Texas Hold’em, and it gives students the chance to compete in a real international poker tournament without the high costs involved. The tournament has grown so much so quickly that it is now one of the biggest tournaments in the world, and is even bigger than the World Series of Poker, although without the high prize money!


This years finalists are sure to have a great time in the final, whether they win or lose. If they win, then their name will be added to the Situs Judi Online third lucky winner after Derek Dilberian and Jeremy Olisar won the first two tournaments in 2005.


As well as their increasingly popular Win Your Tuition Tournament, Absolute Poker are known …