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Zeosoft and 4GLSolutions Announce Slot Online Partnership to Provide Casino & Gaming Industry with Wireless Player Relationship Management Tools

4GL Solutions Uses Zeosoft’s Technology to Enable the Casino Industry to Capture and Disseminate Better Business Intelligence


Irvine, CA, October 18, 2002 – 4GL Solutions, a provider of wireless applications for player relationship management (PRM) in the gaming industry, in conjunction with, Zeosoft, the pioneer of end-to-end software infrastructure for enterprise mobility solutions, have announced the signing of an agreement to provide wireless PDA tools for use in casinos. 4GL Solutions will use Zeosoft’s platform to enhance its strategic Player Relationship Management (PRM) suite of services through mobile solutions on handheld devices.


By incorporating wireless applications and hardware with Zeosoft’s technology platform, wireless applications can reside on PDAs and be used by any department in a casino to ensure the delivery of quality service to high profile players. Additionally, these devices can be used to gather information on a gambler’s habits, such as how much time spent at a table, average bet size, and current balance of wins and losses.


By including a wireless gaming card registration application, a casino can identify and properly service any VIP Players requiring special treatment. Additionally, a wireless player recognition application enhances the activities and services of a pit boss to capture the player’s card information to track and wirelessly transmit betting performance information to the casino’s operational systems, where it is stored to be re-used as business intelligence data for marketing and promotional offers.


“We are very excited to be working with Zeosoft on rolling out this solution to our customers,” said Steve Radusovsky, president of 4GL Solutions. “The ability to implement Zeosoft’s ZeoSphere technology will revolutionize the cost improvements and electronic transmission of real-time field force data. As in any business, catering to the specific needs and habits of customers is key to retention, and that’s what we’re helping to enable in the casino industry.”


Additional applications are available to automate and wirelessly transmit the process of cash advances. These applications include a business intelligence backend that can be custom-designed or integrated to existing data warehouses to further provide player-profiling analysis. ZeoSphere will allow 4GL Solutions to provide this information more cost-effectively and in real-time on handheld devices.


“These new joint PRM solutions provide a competitive advantage for the judi online 

 gaming industry to be able to analyze, predict, and maximize the value of each player relationship,” said E. Michael Huestis, president and CTO of Zeosoft. “We are pleased to partner with 4GLSolutions in bringing the benefits of acting upon information and applications within the casino in real time using advanced technology.”


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